Independant Wargaming club since 2008 - we play what we want, no matter who made it, no questions - just dice for it.


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for 2017 Starting in May

Once a month a big multi player game will take place -- just turn up, the troops etc will be found if you don't want to use your own.

Normally this will be the 4th Monday of the month.

22nd May is "Flames of War" and 29th June "a Very British Civil War"

Also 1st of Monday of the month - the return of Fields of Glory games -- usually 3 a side

Special Event

We have a big game invitation night on the 12th June.

Pete from Entoyment will be down with a couple of friends to do a Swordpoint game plus a Saga night.

They will be bringing down armies for everyone to participate. We must have numbers in advance and those of you who have Saga armies please bring them along.


Note: Gaming is our passion - painting whenever but it does look nice when done.

We encourage glued together because this is battlefield ready with proxies allowed but please keep it sensible. But painted is greatly appreciated and makes good photos.

The club has plenty of tables, scenery, gamers and there is pently of free parking, pub grub and drinks at the bar so why not give us a try.

Any questions contact Mr W Wyvern

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